About DollarCarding

DollarCarding is the most reliable site to sell gift cards in US, UK, Nigeria. We give the best rates for gift cards and pay at the fastest speed, two of the numerous attributes that keep us growing strong in the gift cards trading business in USA and in the World as a whole.

We are number one Gift Cards Buyer in the World. On Dollar Carding, you can: Sell iTunes Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Amazon Gift Cards For Cash, Exchange Walmart Gift Cards For Naira,Cedies, Sell Steam Wallet Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Google Play Gift Cards In Nigeria, Sell Target Cards, Sell RMB For Naira, Sell Bitcoins E.T.C We buy Physical Cards, Ecodes, Single Big Denomination Cards. We pay in Naira, Bitcoins,Cedies,Mobile Money, Ethereum and so much more payment methods available. We pay within 5minutes.

We treat customers the best and every trade is a priority. We will not hold on to your money and will never cheat you. We majorly deal in buying of gift cards, RMB and bitcoins.

Selling itunes gift cards online and other gift cards to us is the best, rate-wise and delivery-wise, based on reviews. Our dealings are fair and square, as we believe that there’s no legacy that’s as rich as honesty. We as well give the best rates for itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards and others, in USA,Ghana,Nigeria,India And Other Countries In The World. You might have to give us a benefit of doubt.

Sell Gift Cards To Us

As one of the most prominent and safest platforms to sell gift cards in Nigeria, we accept a wide varieties of gift card options. Some of them are listed below.

Sell iTunes Cards

Trade your itunes gift cards for naira or bitcoins in Nigeria. We Buy Physical Cards, Ecodes, Big Codes (E.G Single $200). We Buy USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP. .

Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria and get paid Naira very fast. We Accept Cash, Debit, Credit Receipt and Without Receipt. We Buy Ecodes and Single Big Cards.

Sell Steam Gift Cards

Trade your steam wallet gift cards for naira or bitcoins the easiest way in Nigeria. We Accept Any denomination From Major Countries And No Receipt Is Needed.

Sell Googleplay Gift Cards

Exchange Googleplay gift cards for naira or bitcoins in Nigeria.

Sell Other Gift Cards Like Walmart Etc

Sell Walmart gift card fast for naira or bitcoin. We accept several denominations without receipt.

Sell RMB & Sell Bitcoins

Sell RMB & Bitcoins and pay naira fast. We give good rates without compromising quality assurance.

How To Trade iTunes Gift Cards and Other Gift Cards?

We strive to offer the easiest options to anyone who wants to sell gift cards for naira. We trade via whatsapp. Why? It ensures proper interaction between our representative and gift card sellers and also general information can be easily rolled out on there. Fear not! You are safe.


Verify Our Rates

Using the very simple rate calculator tool on our platform, you can easily check how much we buy iTunes, amazon and other gift cards.


Upload Card

Ensure that your gift card is valid. Then send us clear card picture on request. If your gift card has no picture, send code, T & C applies.


Wait For Payment

Wait for us to verify your gift card and provide your bank/BTC details. Payment takes 5minutes on average. Be patient and grab a cup of coffee.

If you want to sell itunes card or amazon gift card and other gift cards. You can message us on Whatsapp to initiate a trade. Be calm, your gift cards are safe and payment is guaranteed once the card is valid.

When you trade your amazon gift card, or sell itunes gift cards and others to us, just provide us with bank/btc details, you get payment within 5 minutes

When selling gift cards in Nigeria to us, within 2-5Minutes, you’ll be paid.

We do not buy Mexican cards, South African Cards, Indian Cards E.T.C. Contact us on whatsapp to learn more on this.

Yes. We do buy RMB and Bitcoins. RMB Rate ranges from 55.5 to 56. While Bitcoin Ranges from 340-360. Kindly contact us for more information.

We guarantee to be available for trades for as much time as possible. Almost all the time.

When you want to exchange your itunes gift cards for naira, or when you want to sell amazon gift cards for cash or just any other gift card, we Pay Naira from and to any bank in Nigeria. We pay BTC Via Paxful and Ethereum Via blockchain. Kindly specify your preferred payment method when trading with us.

We buy minimum of $25. However, we might decide to change this at any time.

To Know how much you can sell itunes card and other gift cards, kindly check our rate calculator page.

Having Trust Issues?

Gift cards scam is rampant, it is normal to develop cold feet. However, you can trust us.

We Understand The Game

We understand the stress it takes to extract gift cards from whatever source and we will in that respect never rob you off your hard-earned money. Our dealings are fair and square, as we believe that there’s no legacy that’s as rich as honesty. You might have to give us a benefit of doubt, we promise to impress you and make you our long term partner.

Okay, You Need Escrow?

In case you are bent on distrust and you need an ESCROW to keep your funds safe, we offer PAXFUL dealings. We open a paxful offer for the deal and everyone is safe.

What Of Man-to-Man Testimonies?

You can check our Nairaland Thread and Facebook page.


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I present to you, DollarCarding, the answer to your never-ending “how to sell gift cards” questions.

On DollarCarding, you can safely trade itunes gift cards, amazon gift cards, steam wallet, googleplay, walmart and other gift cards at good rates and get paid in naira or bitcoins fast. You can also sell RMB and Bitcoins and get paid in Naira. Ask around about our services and listen to the good tales others are telling about us.

How Much Is Gift Cards In Nigeria?

If you are looking for how much you can sell iTunes card, amazon cards or any other gift cards in Nigeria, your answer is right here. You are to ask us for the rates and tell us the amount of gift card you want to sell. For further clarifications, contact us on whatsapp at +17013500923.


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